The two main non-intense sweeteners that are used in our products are:
HSH(hydrogenated starch hydrolysis) and Maltitol
HSH is a sweetener made from corn that gives 2.0 calories per gram(sugar gives 4).
This means that HSH has 50% less calories than sugar. Another advantage is that when HSH is broken down in the body the carbohydrates are released slowly, this is an advantage to diabetics.
The only intense sweetener used in our products is sucralose(know as Splenda), which is in most of the hard candies and fruit spreads.
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If you have any questions regarding sweeteners in any of our products please contact us.
Here are a few useful links for further information on artificial sweeteners:

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These candies do not have any visible form of gluten in them, which maybe a concern to celiacs but they are NOT certified gluten free.

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